Would you like to ...

  • Look and feel healthy? 
  • Experience more energy and joy?
  • Feel optimistic about your future health and wellness?
  • Lose weight?
  • Navigate obstacles to reach your goals? 
  • Improve your relationships?
  • Love your life?

But you...

  • Don't know how to get there from here.
  • Are confused by changing diet advice.
  • Are not motivated by extreme exercise regimens and drastic diets.
  • Are overwhelmed by change.
  • Are not inspired by healthy food.
  • Are too busy to put in the effort.
  • Think it's all determined by genetics anyway.


Something For Everyone 



Courses provide simple answers and natural solutions for improved health and happiness. Learn correct principles and fun techniques for lasting success!  

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Blog & Videos

We explore all aspect related to health, happiness, and overall well-being. Check out our weekly discussions, tutorials, blogs, videos, lessons and more.

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Workshops & Events

Connect with us at The Cottage! Join us for hands-on experiences creating healthy foods, herbal remedies, or exploring the medicines growing all around you. 

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Why We are Here

It's In Our Nature was created to ensure the truths Mother Nature offers are not only available to all, but understood by all seeking her truths. Those looking for hope with common, and uncommon health challenges will find answers here. Most don't realize how much influence they have over their own health and well-being. We are fascinated by the truths we have uncovered and continue to wonder why this information is not more readily accessible. Health and well-being affect every aspect of who you are. Making small, incremental adjustments can drastically improve the trajectory of your health and mental well-being.  

We have created fun and informative courses and in-person experiences designed to open minds, instill hope, elaborate principles of health, and motivate learning. Your path to enjoying "symptoms of health" is within your grasp. We would love to be your guides.



 We Train and Guide to: 

Reach your ideal weight

Increase "symptoms" of Health

Improve relationships and love life

Feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally

Smile and mean it

Reduce stumbling blocks of healing

Dispel popular diet myths that have been holding you back.

What is a Natural Healing Guide®?

People of all walks of life desire improved health and happiness, but struggle to understand the interconnectedness of health AND happiness. We guide individuals to healthier, happier lives through implementing simple dietary and lifestyle adjustments. We illuminate true principles of wellness, nutrition, and health, backed by scientific studies, and dispel common misconceptions, myths, and misunderstandings. What we offer is not a diet or quick weight loss plan, but sustainable modifications resulting in long-term physical and emotional betterment. You are more than symptoms. 


Why Your Body Wants To Heal 

If you have ever recovered from a skinned knee or broken bone, you have witnessed the miracle of healing. Your body's natural instinct is to achieve a state of homeostasis - or health. This state of well-being includes not only your physical body, but balance for your "whole" self, because you are more than the sum of your parts. What affects one aspect of you, affects other aspects of you. High blood pressure, mental insufficiencies, pain, and many other symptoms are all signals that your body is trying to heal. Did you know there are things you can do to help your body in the healing process? 


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You have the power. The question is,

how will you use it?

Disease does not happen overnight. The way you treat your mind and body has a lasting impact on your current and future  quality of life. Let us equip you with the skills to maintain and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Health and wellness are within your reach. Healthy has never felt so good!

Life was meant to be lived WELL!    


Fun Facts! 

Strong Emotions

Did you know your thoughts create feelings which produce hormones in the body? You have significant control over the way things affect you. Would you like to learn some strategies that can help you experience more happiness and joy in life? 

Food for Thought

Did you know what you consume directly effects your ability to think clearly and feel happy? Our bodies were designed to consume things that grow. When we eat synthetic food, we may have headaches, brain fog and feel lethargic. 

Sugar Sweet 

Did you know Stevia,(Stevia rebaudiana) has been used for 100s of years as a natural sweetener? You might be delilghted to know that ten leaves contain just 1 calorie! South Americans have also used the stevia plant to treat diabetes for generations.


Did you know symptoms may be your body's way of telling you it is trying to correct a problem? Fevers, pain, eczema, inflammation, constipation, excess weight, food allergies, and more, are all signs your body is out of balance and is working hard to recover. 


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The suggestions, ideas, and procedures on this website are intended for educational purposes and not intended as a substitute for medical advice from a trained physician. Contact us: [email protected]