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Summer Workshops 2024

Join Kristi & Kelly for hands on fun!

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Elixirs of Life

20 July 2024, Saturday **Additional Date

Nature provides a host of medicinal plants. Begin creating your own herbal pharmacy or add to what you already have. Learn the ins and outs of making herbal teas, tinctures, and glycerites. This hands-on class will have you elbow deep in liquid medicines and restoratives. 

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Bless the Caress  


Head to toe - smooth and supple skin! Discover the art of creating nourishing, non-toxic, skincare products. Why not nourish and nurture your body the way nature intended! Learn to make herbal infused oils, lotions, and serums every "body" will bless - because we all appreciate a smooth caress!

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SOS - Naturally

16-17 August 2024, Friday & Saturday

Need a backup plan for life's urgencies? We share nature's curative remedies for earaches, infections, bites, stings, bruising, burns, bleeding, allergies, shock, and so, so much more! Having a back-up plan takes the sting out of life's surprises and puts your heart and mind at ease. 

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20 September 2024, Friday Morning

Learn how to kick your immune system up a notch and support your body's natural responses with some of natures most potent offerings. For thousands of years cultures all over the world have looked to nature for health and healing. That's a lot of time to find out what works. Want to see what they found?

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Hormones Gone Wild?

20 September 2024, Friday Afternoon

Puberty, childbirth, menopause - Looking forward to it? Female hormones are constantly in flux. Learn what effects hormone health and how to support and balance them at every turn of life.  

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Budding Herbalist

21 September 2024, Saturday

Nature will come to life for you in our herbal foundations workshop! Medicines of every kind are hidden in plain sight all around us. Learn the "why's" and "how's" and "in's" and "out's" of employing herbs for health and healing. You will never look at nature the same way again!  

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Coming Up:

From Spice Cupboard to Medicine Cabinet!

Did you know your spice cupboard is loaded with herbal remedies?! Uncover hidden medicines right under your nose (or in your soup!). From anise to thyme - discover the amazing medicinal properties for some of your favorite spices. (You are going to need a bigger cupboard.) 

Healthy Cooking & Tasters Table 

So, you don't think healthy food agrees with your taste buds?! Let us woo you with a few of our favorites - appetizers, soups, dips, dressings, desserts and more! Learn simple substitutions that turn naughty recipes into nourishing recipes. Healthy foods can taste good too! 

Customize Your Event

Do you have a special group with particular interests? We offer customizable gatherings for large or small groups alike. These one of a kind experiences will enlighten, enrich, and amaze (even teenagers)! The earth is our teacher - let us be your Natural Healing Guides. Schedule your event now!

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 The Cottage

Enjoy the beauties of nature as you make and taste delicious foods, learn to identify medicinal plants, or try your hand at herbal medicine making. Plan now to join Kelly and Kristi, Natural Healing Guides, for hands-on experiences that will change your life forever.

Nestled in the rolling hills of central Utah with gorgeous mountain and lake views lies The Cottage. Learning about nature, in nature, has never been so much fun! We'd love to have you join us for one (or all) of our scheduled workshops. 

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