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Most of us want to reap the rewards of a healthy lifestyle, but experience a multiplicity of reasons keeping us from achieving one. Even though we all deal with individual challenges, the same basic tenets of health and well-being apply to us all. Learning these truths and implementing them provides the surest way to health, healing, and well-being. Natural Healing Guides® not only teach effective principles backed by scientific research and empirical knowledge, but provide simple skills to help you achieve lasting success.   

 When any part of you experiences disease, pain, or suffering of any kind, the other parts of you also struggle to maintain homeostasis. We approach the "whole" self because you are more than the sum of your parts. Symptoms of disease diminish when your body, mind, and spirit receive the nourishment they require. 


Nutrition and lifestyle choices effect the proper functioning of all body systems. Your body can only work with what it is provided. We elaborate specific principles of nutrition and open your eyes to tasty transitions. We teach simple skills to help redirect your trajectory of health.




Thoughts, emotions, and outlook all effect the whole self. What happens in the mind triggers physical responses in the body. We share ways to recognize blue skies and let the sunshine in.




Those achieving the greatest rewards in health and well-being foster an attitude of gratitude. Recognizing the bounties around you and offering thanks to the Creator influences your physical and mental health. Nature uplifts the heart and nourishes the mind and body.


Natural Healing Guides® do not add hours to your day or change the color of your eyes. We teach principles for optimum health and well-being. No one can heal you, but you. Doctors don't heal, we don't heal - you heal you. Your body is amazing! You were designed to be healthy and happy, and when you are not, your body does everything it can to recover. Serious disease, weight, outlook on life, clarity of mind, and many other symptoms can be immensely improved! If you desire greater health and well-being, and want to gain skills and knowledge to help obtain it, we would love to be your Natural Healing Guides ®

Natural Healing Guides®


Kristi Taylor

Natural Healing Guide®

Master Herbalist, Clinical Herbalist, Nutritional Herbalist, Homeopathist, Aromatherapist

Kristi's search for truths surrounding health and wellness lead her down the unexpected paths of herbalism, homeopathy, nutrition, and psychology. Her quest for understanding confirms the findings of countless researchers, doctors, and health professionals - that people have tremendous power over the state of their own well-being. This realization compels her to share, teach, and guide anyone trying to connect the dots of health and happiness.

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Kelly Summers

Natural Healing Guide®

Master Herbalist, Clinical Herbalist, Nutritional Herbalist, Homeopathist, Aromatherapist, Expert Level Sound Healer

Kelly is driven to study and learn about natural choices in healing the body and mind. Her studies led her to examine natural healing practices from a wide variety of sources including herbalism, the psychology of happiness, the healing nature of touch and social connection, and the healing aspect of plants as food. Kelly knows that knowledge is empowering and deeply desires to share the insights she has learned through her continued journey of learning.

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Our Philosophy


We believe the body is a gift, divinely created to experience happiness and joy.

We believe the bounties of nature provide an abundance of vital nutrients intended to be building blocks for health and healing.

We believe a healthy person consists of the whole being: body, mind, and spirit.

We believe true healing occurs for the whole being when the body, mind, and spirit are considered holistically, rather than treating symptoms individually. 

We believe in exploring healing methods derived through empirical research and the scientific method.

We believe through lifestyle choices we have the power to change for the better.

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