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Your Blueprint for

Health and Wellness

Navigating contradictory and confusing health advice is challenging for the best of us. The Whole Picture: Well-Defined is a foundational course for those seeking increased health and decreased symptoms of age and disease. Life doesn't come with a manual, but The Whole Picture: Well-Defined course can be your guide.

Are You Ready to Make a Change for the Better? 

"I absolutely feel changed from taking this course!"

- Katherine O. 


What is The Whole Picture: Well-Defined? 


"I thought I already knew it all, but I had so many, "Ah-ha" moments that helped me "connect the dots"! The course inspired me to make some of my own "Food Rules". I found the lessons short and engaging and the activities fun and interesting!"

- Kimberly D.

Not A Diet Program

Are you confused about ever changing and conflicting diet advice? Diets are designed with one goal in mind - quick weight loss. What they have in common: temporary results and return customers. 

Do you truly want to improve your prospects of health and reduce symptoms of age? This course will change your life forever! And when others see a healthier, happier you, they'll want to know how you did it!   

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    Room for Improvement 

Do you experience brain-fog, headaches, fatigue, excess weight, eczema, sleep disturbances, random aches and pains, impaired memory, hormone imbalances, constipation, or signs of premature aging? Do you suffer more serious symptoms of disease or do you simply want to enjoy health well into your later years?


Your Body Is Talking,

Are You Listening?


Your body communicates to you everyday. Are you listening? A well-functioning body creates clarity of mind, restful sleep, ideal weight, optimally functioning body systems, and overall health and wellness. Can you interpret your body's language? What is it telling you?


Unit 1

Unit ONE explores the confusion surrounding what really is healthy and unravels long-standing diet and health myths.  You will learn the six factors contributing to well-being and the power you have to alter your trajectory of health and disease. We dissect cultural norms, marketing strategies, the food pyramid/circle, and the Standard American Diet. We address the reasons behind the skyrocketing increase of major diseases in America and other prospering nations.

Unit 2

Unit TWO lays the foundation of what your body desperately needs for optimum health. You will learn the significance of vital nutrients, food quality, and food cravings. We highlight the potentiality of disease prevention and simple measures you can take to improve your trajectory for wellness. You will learn to make habits that improve your current and future state of health. We outline simple routines for creating positive patterns that form lasting change.

Unit 3

Unit THREE digs deeper into often overlooked factors that contribute to aging and disease. You will learn what a healthy bowel movement really is and how to improve your elimination pathways. We discuss constipation, what fiber does for the body, probiotics and prebiotics, cleansing methods, hydration, and connect the dots between sluggish body functions and disease formation.


Unit 4

Unit FOUR  addresses the misunderstood calorie and the myriad of diets leading us down the silken path of least resistance. You will learn what marketers and manufacturers are doing that keep you coming back for more. You will understand the difference between food cravings and true hunger. We break down how the brain positively perceives certain negative additives, how to boost your nutrient intake, and the most effective ways to supplement.  

All The Tools You Need To Reclaim Your Health

Change begins with the mind. Most of us want to enjoy our ideal weight and look and feel healthy. Let us be your Natural Healing Guides. 



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   Researched Based

  • Do genes determine destiny?
  • Learn why the body and mind cannot sustain "diets", "pills", and "shots"¬†
  • What constitutes effective elimination and how to improve your "time"
  • Essential nutrients that help the body function optimally and lay a foundation for disease prevention
  • How small habits create big changes

   Learn About

  • The impact between¬†nourishing food¬†and food-like substances on the body¬† ¬†
  • The six factors that contribute to health and well-being
  • Small lifestyle adjustments that reprogram your mind and body and increase your trajectory of health¬†
  • Safe, effective ways to cleanse
  • Shopping strategies vs. Marketing strategies¬†


  • 45 Lessons¬†

  • 21 Supporting Activities

  • Approximately 4-6 weeks to complete


  • 80+ page Student Guide¬†

  • Private Student Facebook Group

  • Personalized Certificate at completion of course





The Whole Picture: Well-Defined


  • 66 Lessons & Activities
  • 80+ page Student Guide (pdf)
  • Video guided instruction
  • Self-paced curriculum
  • Approximately 4-6 weeks to complete¬†
  • Lifetime Access

Your Journey to a Better Life Begins Now! 

"I loved the course and have implemented changes in my diet, beginning with my grocery shopping list and progressing into my daily eating routine. Interestingly, even though it has been a relatively short period of time for change, I already feel better and have more energy!"

- Cheryle M.



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