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10,000+ Food Additives?! better food chronic disease cravings diagnosis food health mental health processed food whole foods Jul 07, 2024


Safe or Not Safe?


There are over 10,000 food additives currently approved by the U.S. FDA. Food additives are added to food to modify texture, taste, and appearance, to extend shelf-life, or improve packaging.

I just read an article that came out on the safety of a food additive...

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An Attitude of Gratitude! blessings gratitude happiness mental health thankfulness well-being Nov 16, 2023

Be Grateful: It will Increase Your Happiness

Gratitude is a powerful and often underestimated emotion. It's the feeling of thankfulness and appreciation for the positive things in your life.

Gratitude shifts your focus from what you lack to what you already possess and the good things already...

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